Steamy sex with a hot carpenter in my bedroom – Sex Confession

My name is Meghan and I am 28 years old. Five years back I had been involved in a loveless marriage with my then-husband. We had already lost the spark and physical intimacy in our marriage. I often missed feeling the touch of a Man’s body. I used to masturbate often but still; it didn’t satisfy me. I wanted a hot man to fuck me and calm my racing heart. I realized the next day our carpenter was going to come to fix the broken chair in our lounge area. His name was Mike and he had come thrice before. He was a tall and huge man and I couldn’t stop thinking about how huge his manhood would be. I am 5 feet 4 inches and he was approximately 6 feet 5 inches. This is my confession about hot and steamy sex with a hot carpenter in my bedroom.


I knew he always used to turn up on time. No one was going to be home at that time and so I decided to do something naughty. Mike arrived at the right time and I showed him what needed to be fixed. He told me it can take few hours. I was ecstatic to hear that. I went into my bedroom and left the door slightly open. I removed my dress and took out the lube from my side drawer. I lied on my bed in just my bra and thongs. I started massaging my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. Imagining the Mike on top of me was making me extremely horny and I couldn’t help but moan loudly. I wanted Mike to hear my moans and fuck me hard. After some time, I could see him peeking through the door. He saw me with hesitation, but I didn’t stop. I kept rubbing my clit in circular swift motions and massaging my boobs in front of him. From the half-open door, I could see his huge arousal.


My moans were getting louder due to reaching towards the climax, but I stopped there and removed my bra and panties in front of Mike. I could see him standing there with his wide-open mouth and hard manhood. When I was just flaunting my big tits in front of him, he came towards me and grabbed my boobs in his hands. He started licking and sucking them like a mad man. Feeling the touch of a man’s body and lips made me feel alive again. I just pulled him close to me and kissed him very deeply and passionately. His moans were making me very horny and wild. I removed his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. I pulled down his boxers and saw his huge pulsating cock ready to be inserted in my hole. I pushed him on the bed and took his shaft deep in my mouth. I started by licking the tip of his 8-inch cock which made him grunt loudly.


After some time, I could taste the pre-cum in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum and so I got on top of him and inserted his cock in my dripping wet pussy. I was feeling a man’s cock inside my pussy after several months and I couldn’t remember a feeling better than this. With my increasing moans and shouts, I was losing my senses. While I was riding Mike, he was slapping and spanking my ass making me wild. The noise of our fucking, spanking and moaning was so loud that I am sure the neighbors would have heard it. But I didn’t care as I just wanted to be fucked hard like a slut. I came after some time and kept riding him till he came inside me. I used to masturbate often but this orgasm was completely different. He was so hard and huge; I could come multiple times just thinking about it. This one-time steamy sex with a hot carpenter proved to be one of the most intense sex of my life.

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