When my Wife and her Girlfriend had a night over

Me and my wife have been married for over 5 years. We believe in a very transparent relationship and that’s why she knows all my friends and colleagues and I assume, I do too. She often spoke of her university days when she used to hang out with her then best friend, Liz. According to her, Liz was her crime partner. Be it getting free drinks at a bar to going on undecided trips in Liz’s sugar daddy’s car, she had done it all. My wife and her girlfriend Liz has a different relationship as well.

I had never met Liz. I often asked my wife to introduce me to her best friend, but she would divulge from that topic. On her 30th birthday, I planned her surprise party and called Liz. Like a typical surprise party, she came home from work, opened the door and there stood the whole parade to wish her along with Liz.

She turned her head towards me in confusion and I threw a knowing smile at her. She immediately marched towards Liz and I could sense trouble. So, I followed her to our bedroom and overheard their conversation from behind the door. My wife told Liz, “How many times should I tell you to stay away from me. At least not in my home”. Liz replied, “I can’t live without you Sharon. Your mere thought drives me crazy. I need you tonight. Let’s celebrate your birthday how we always did”. My wife agreed, “Ok, tonight when Roger sleeps, I will come to your room”. I heard their conversation and the idea of my wife’s curvaceous Lebanese body over Liz’s thin frame filled my mind and my pants. In the mere excitement of the moment, I pretended to go to bed early. I wanted to see my wife and girlfriend in action. At about midnight, I heard the bedroom door shut. I immediately followed her and peeped from the keyhole.

Sharon, my wife, stood in front to of Liz in her pink satin slip. Liz was in her lacey lingerie. With a broad smile on her face she walked up to Sharon and kissed her passionately. I could see Sharon’s fingers twitching with Liz’s touch. She held Liz by the shoulder and looked into her eyes followed by a knowing smile. Sharon gently she slipped her hands from Liz shoulders on to her breast and stomach, gripping her love handles pulling her closer. Sharon moved closer to lick her breast and sucked on her laced tits, one at a time. Her hands were now moving lower, around her waist, pulling the strings of her panty. It fell and Liz’s blonde-haired pussy was exposed. I was excited, so I started to touch myself.

Sharon got down on her knees and started to lick Liz’s blonde pussy. She drooled and moaned sucking her clit. Liz raised her hand over her head, holding her hair in a tight bun, staring down at my adventurous, Sharon. She bit her lips and clenched Sharon’s shoulder with her long red nails. She pulled Sharon by her arm and pushed her on the bed. They both giggled like little girls playing doll. Liz lifted Sharon’s slip over her head and sucked her tits, tickling them with her long tongue. She moved down, between her legs and spread her lips with her long fingers. I could see Sharon’s pink clit, perky and excited. Liz bent down and pulled it with her teeth.

Sharon moaned aloud. She pulled Liz’s hand and placed it on her tits. Liz knew the drill, so she pinched her tit and pulled her clit with her teeth. Sharon went crazy, raising from the bed like a demon undergoing exorcism. Sharon held Liz’s face tight to keep it buried between her legs while Liz put her fist in her vagina, pumping her hard. There were soft cries of passion filling in the air with the drops of sweat on their skin. Sharon took one last gasp of air and let it loose. Sharon got back in her slip and kissed Liz on her lips, she said, “I am glad we could do this in my home. Are we still on for Sunday on your Yatch, like every other Sunday?” Liz nodded.

And, I stood there, with a boner to witness my wife’s love for women and BDSM from the keyhole. I let my wife and her girlfriend enjoy their steamy session.

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