Pole dancing in front of my ex on a wild and hot night – Sex Confession-20

This memory sticks out in my brain every time I see my ex’s cousin. You see I had one very awkward encounter involving him and my ex. My ex-boyfriend Chad and I had just broken up, a few days earlier. One of our common friends was getting married and we were invited in a joint bachelor party. It was a wild and hot night to say the least.

I went alone and was greeted by this a mini version of the playboy mansion. There were semi dressed people dancing and drinking. Even the servers were in naughty outfits. I spotted Chad a few feet away and immediately made my way in the opposite direction. Not many knew that we had broken up and I wanted to avoid a scene. To move on I was also trying dating sites like naughty sugar momma and tinder.

I knew that Chad would be watching me, so I made a show and held on to his cousin Joe the whole night. Joe was flirting and was obviously looking for some dirty fun with me. I had had quite a few drinks by 10 pm. someone had put on music and different people were dancing. I was usually shy, but the alcohol coursing through my system made me brave. Before I thought too much I took the stage.

There was a pole in the middle and I don’t even remember why it was there. I clung to it and tried to do my best impression of a sexy pole dancer. A while later my top had come off, and spurred on by hoots and hollers, I gave my best sexy back impression. I thought I was being quite sexy and tweaked a bit toward Joe. Chad wasn’t looking too happy about it. And then I made a show of getting Joe up on stage and kissed him on the lips in full view of all.

He laughed and kissed me back. We made our way down and passed Chad. He did try to stop me but I turned away and went with Joe. He was holding my ass in front of everyone and I was quite enjoying it. Chad stopped Joe and they had a shouting match which ended with him hitting Joe on his face. Joe punched him back and he landed on the floor. After that scene Joe just took my hand and led me to the elevators.

I was horny and drunk and when we were enclosed in the lift, I just jumped on him. I had lost my top and was in my bikini style bra, practically naked. I crashed my mouth to his and thrust my tongue inside. I had practically started dry humping him in the lift. We got off on the 9th floor as he had a room there. As soon as the doors closed behind us, he threw me on to the bed and started undressing quickly. I was playing with my nipples as I watched and spread my legs wide, inviting him to enjoy the wild and hot night with me.

Soon he was naked, his long cock jutting out towards me. I wanted to suck him. So I crawled over to take him in my mouth. I took him deep into my throat as he took off my bra. He twisted my nipples as I groaned and nibbled on him. “Naughty girl,” he muttered and curved a bit to reach my behind. This action shoved him deeper into me. As I sucked him, he played with my pussy and I was wet in a few minutes. Then he climbed behind me and pushed his cock into my sensitive and wet pussy. He fucked me hard, doggy style.  The bed shook and my cries rang out. I’m sure we did fuck 3 times more that night. It was a really wild and hot night for me.

In the morning I checked my phone and found the raunchy photos of me and Joe. I was so embarrassed that I ran out before he woke up. Just left him a note of apology and went my way. We did meet a few months later, slightly awkward but he was polite and I didn’t bring it up again.

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