Gave my Virginity to a Hot Teacher – Sex Confession-13-Part-II

I will continue with sex confession on how I gave my virginity to a hot teacher. If you haven’t read the first part, please read it first so you can understand it better.

With his touch, a shiver played through vagina to my nipples. I could feel they were already getting hard. This was the first time I was feeling a manly touch. His hands then reach my butt and squeeze them. His left hand slide up to reach my breast, and other one playing with my pussy and butt cheeks. He used his index finger to rub my nipple through the shirt I was wearing. Hell I was wet! He slid some things away from the table to make some space.

Gliding my panties down, he turned me around, used his left hand to push my upper body to set onto the table and with his both hands he stretched out my pussy and started licking up and down. He uses his tip of the tongue to lick the fluid off. Out of a sudden he put his tongue into my vagina and starts pulling and pushing it in a manner of fucking. I was breathing heavily and holding the edge of the table. His hot breath was touching my pussy and I was getting more and more aroused. He then started to finger me with his index finger and licking my butthole.

He was killing me! I wanted to see the little monster beneath that trouser. He then unzipped his pant and I could see his long hard shaft out. It was just as I fantasised. Big, thick. I even could see the nerves as it was erected as hell. He turned me around, lifted me up and made me sit on the table. He kept his eyes focused on mine, with his hand he jerked his dick off a little and pushed it into my vagina. To hold the grip he holds my back of the neck with his left hand and starts fucking. With the first push I moan, loud.

It was so painful, yet so pleasurable. I was no more a virgin. His hot, steamy body was thrashing against mine. Every stroke was sending me to heaven. He grabbed my hair in his fist and came near my head, whispered, “Fuck you bitch”. That was it. I cummed. I told him that I want to take it in my mouth. He rips my shirt off as well as undo the bra. He said he would like to see the full me while I give him blowjob. I sit on my knees and holding his dicks with my one hand I first take the top portion. The salty taste was so arousing. He instructed me to jerk it with the hand and take it in mouth. As his bitch I did what he instructed. I gradually increased the speed and try to take the whole length. As the wave started he pulled it out of my mouth and ejaculated a huge amount of cum on my face, breast.

I never knew my first sex would be this interesting and I am happy I gave my virginity to him. But I still thank god that I carried an extra pair of shirt and skirt that day.

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