Gave my Virginity to a Hot Teacher – Sex Confession-13-Part-I

I’m Shirin(name changed), 29 years old. Now after reading this story of mine you’d probably think I’m a whore or a slut whatever. It doesn’t bother me actually. I always had this passion for living my life exactly how I want. I was too careless at my teenage but they didn’t actually lead me in any kind of depression or maybe I was too busy to live my life that I didn’t have time to regret for what I did. I love sex and I see sex as an art. The more you love it, the more you’ll be good at this. This incident is of that time when I had hit puberty and I gave my virginity to a hot teacher.

I was exactly 16, when I lost my virginity to an older guy. I should mention here that I’ve always had a thing for older guys. Unlike any other girls at my age, a pretty face didn’t attract me that much. I think humour is more tempting than anything else. So he used to take classes of Psychology. Mr. Willick, 32 years old, black hair, dark brown eyes, white coloured skin. I loved how his mind worked in a twisted way. While teaching, he always used to come up with sarcastic jokes which made him more alluring. I started daydreaming about him and in one of the dreams I saw that I happily gave my virginity to a hot teacher, Mr Willick. He was this serious looking cool kind of guy who was very much straightforward. He didn’t even talk to students besides studies. But I have always imagined he would surely have some deepest darkest desires.

Days passed by, nothing happened so far. It was the last class. Junior high school days were about to end. He was showing some slides and as always I was measuring him top to bottom. He was wearing a pitch black shirt with a light pastel brown coloured trousers. He had this fit masculine figure but I wondered what is underneath that pant. Is it big, thick? Or is it small and unimpressive? He caught me looking at his crotch and asked me to concentrate on the slides. It was so embarrassing and at the same time his personality was so tempting to me. Later that class he told me to meet at his office. The lust I was controlling for a long time came into me all over again and at the same time I was scared of what he was going to tell me.

I entered into his office and he asked me, “What is going on with you? I’ve noticed you do not concentrate in my classes as you do in others. You didn’t get good grade in my subject but you are performing really well in other subjects. Is there any problem in my teaching?”, bursting my thought bubbles.

I couldn’t understand what should be my answer to this. He said again, “Come on! You can be comfortable here.”

I couldn’t hold myself from admitting the fact that I like him, a lot. I opened up, told him that HE is the reason why I can’t concentrate on his classes, not his way of teaching.

Then there’s an awkward silence between us. Neither of us know how to carry the conversation further. He broke the silence, saying “Stand up”. My heartbeat skipped for a millisecond. I was thinking was he going to rusticate me? I stood up. And he said, “Come here. Stand in front of me.”. He was sitting on his chair. I slowly walk to go to the other side of the table. He came near me. His face was inches apart from my breasts. Oh he looked so hot in half folded sleeves. As I was concentrating on his robust body, he took me by surprise and slides up his hands through my thigh to the inner thigh under the skirt and squeeze gently.

Oh enough for the day, I will continue the story in the next part.

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