Sex with the Chubby Lady Teacher

Miss Hawkins was my fantasy. She used to teach chemistry and looked just like a pinup model. Curvy and lush, that is how I would describe her. Ample breasts and those chunky thighs. She would dress modestly, but I could make out what her body was like. She was literally my wet dream. I wanted […]

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Gave my Virginity to a Hot Teacher – Sex Confession-13-Part-I

I’m Shirin(name changed), 29 years old. Now after reading this story of mine you’d probably think I’m a whore or a slut whatever. It doesn’t bother me actually. I always had this passion for living my life exactly how I want. I was too careless at my teenage but they didn’t actually lead me in […]

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My Hot Teacher

Another semester of college was in full swing when we came to know about a new requirement in the Biology Department. Man! She was a bombshell with an approx curve of 36D-30-40. She had a milky white skin tone and wore low cut tops that revealed her back and cleavage, in short a perfect hot […]

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