Sex with the Chubby Lady Teacher

Miss Hawkins was my fantasy. She used to teach chemistry and looked just like a pinup model. Curvy and lush, that is how I would describe her. Ample breasts and those chunky thighs. She would dress modestly, but I could make out what her body was like. She was literally my wet dream. I wanted to get close to her. She was quite dedicated and would wait after class if any student had questions. Sometimes, in urgent situations, she would let students into her home for studies. One day, I went to her house, but my luck, no other student turned up. My dream of having sex with the chubby lady teacher might come true.

It was pouring that day and I really wanted to see Miss Hawkins. I took my car out anyway and arrived at her house. In the time it took me to get from the car to her house, I was drenched. She was shocked to see me and said that she had cancelled the session because of bad weather. But I was here and drenched. She asked me to stay in till the clouds cleared and inform my parents. She lent me a towel and showed me the way to the bathroom. I removed my wet clothes and put them on the dryer. I just had a towel on me, not even underwear.

She was drinking warm coffee as she watched the rain from her living room. She was in a comfy robe that had come apart at the top, exposing her boobs. Looking at her, seeing her chest and bare legs, I got excited. My boner was prominent and it tented the towel on my waist. I walked to the couch, where she was and pressed myself against her hand. Her hand was on the headrest area and I knew when she felt it.

It was the environment, weather or the ambience, I don’t know which, but she didn’t move away. So, I let the cock peek out of the towel and touch her. She looks at my cock and then just caresses the head with her fingers. I lick my lips and enjoy her touch. I push my cock up and it gets closer to her mouth. She looks at me and I smile. She bends and quickly just licks the tip once. “Come on baby, give me more,” I say in my most sexy and needy voice. There is a desire in my voice and I can see the desire in her eyes.

I invite her to suck my cock. As she bends to take my cock in her mouth, I see her robe parting and revealing a lush cleavage. I thrust my cock fully into her mouth in excitement. But she gags and leaves my cock. “Sorry, sorry,” I say and bend down to kiss her lips. She smells so good and I want to touch her boobs. I gently put my hand on the couch in a way that it touches her breasts. I slowly caress her nipples over the robe and she gets aroused. I walk over in front and sit next to her. I open up her robe and see those tits. I press both of them and touch her nipples again. I press and pinch them, playing with her breasts. I bend and also suck one nipple till she moans. Then I pull out my cock and ask her to suck it.

She kneels, then begins licking my cock. She sucks on the head and I am ready to burst. I am a horny teenager and any sexual touch makes me feel good fast. She also rubs the length of the cock, massaging my cock roughly. “Do you have a condom?” I ask and she gets up, moving away. I think she has left but she returns with a rubber and I don’t need it. “No boy, first pleasure me,” she says. Ooohh, I like the naughty side of her and getting the chance to have sex with the chubby lady teacher should not be missed.

She keeps standing and I sit on the couch, but her robe has come off. She keeps her left foot on the couch and I part her folds. I lick her clit first and then go in to suck it. “Ooohhh!” she exclaims and tells me to slow down. Then I take my time licking the whole area, her clit and tonguing her pussy. I suck on her clit and then finger her pussy too. It is hot and wet, warm to feel. My cock will love it.

Then she stops me and straddles. I hold up my cock allowing her to sit on it. She slowly comes down and I love it when my cockhead enters her pussy. She holds that position for a while and rotates her hips. My cock is being sucked by her pussy. Then she just slams down. Breath leaves my mouth; the pleasure is so extreme. I get my breathing under control and watch her jump on my cock. Her boobs move and I grab one, pressing that ball.

I kiss her once more and feel the orgasm coming on. “I am going to cum,” I tell her between breaths. She nods and starts fingering herself. Her eyes close in concentration and she bites her lip. Then I hear her moaning continuously and feel her pussy contracting around me.  I cum hard and just lie on the couch letting the feeling wash through me.

A few minutes later, Miss Hawkins is off me and is covering herself up. The rain has stopped and she throws my clothes at me. I dress up and leave her house. I don’t touch her again after that, in fact, she avoided me. Then she left school and I didn’t get to see her again. However, sex with the chubby lady teacher still makes me erect when I recall about the incident.

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