Finding pleasure through hookups

I am a single mother of two toddlers and their fathers aren’t in my life anymore. I had committed to them, but they couldn’t satisfy me sexually. I tried; I tried a lot to make it work. Plus, it didn’t help that the first one cheated on me. Then I had it. I stopped trying to find “life partners” and instead focused on myself. One night when my kids were at my mom’s, I slept with a stranger and tried finding pleasure through hookups. And it was unbelievably good. I have been hooked to hookups since then and tonight I have to meet two men – together.

I dressed up and arrived at Shane’s house. Rob was meeting us here and I see them both when I walk in. Shane is short and stocky, while Rob is lean and tall. Oh, we are going to have fun tonight. It starts with some drinks and then Shane begins kissing me. Rob makes his way over, just touching both of us. Then he slides in behind me and sits close. His hands make way to my belly as he holds me and kisses my neck. Shane is quite a good kisser and he and I are making out. This doesn’t deter Rob; he is now fondling my breasts. I feel so good, my breasts being touched and I am kissing. I know there will be more to come. Taking chance of finding pleasure through hookups was going good for me.

Shane stops kissing and he unbuttons my top, revealing my naked breasts. He bends and sucks on a nipple, while Rob finds the other nipple. He twirls the nub and plays with it. I can feel Shane’s wet mouth latched on, sucking and biting in between. I want someone to touch my pussy too, so I lift my right leg and put it on Shane’s back. I pull his back down so his front part touches mine. He gets up and pulls down my skirt along with my panties. I sit on the couch, head on the headrest and legs spread for Shane.

Shane parts my folds and begins his ministrations while Rob stands near my head and dangles his cock near my mouth. I try to catch it with my mouth and we play around for a bit. Then Shane touches my clit and my whole attention is there. So, Rob prods my mouth with his cock and I open it for him. He plunges in gently and I try to blow him from this position. Shane is now pressing my clit, rubbing it and arousing me. This twofold pleasure is really great. He adds a finger to my channel and starts rubbing, slowly drawing out liquid. I, meanwhile, suck Rob’s cock as he fucks my mouth.

Shane then puts his mouth on me, sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. I feel so good, being penetrated and my clit being sucked. I touch Rob’s balls and massage them trying to give him some pleasure too. This goes on for a while and then they stop. Both put on condoms – Rob lies down and I sit over him while Shane stands behind me. I slowly slide down on Rob’s cock, letting it penetrate me. Shane is fingering my ass now and I can feel the cool of the lubricant. I was so focused on my pussy that I didn’t feel any pain when Shane added his finger to my asshole.

He is feeling around and playing with my asshole and I feel him add two more fingers. Meanwhile, Rob has started fucking my pussy, moving his hips up and down. I feel Shane trying to penetrate my ass with his cock. His cock is quite thick and he tries to push in. His head goes in, but his cock hasn’t. His hands snake forward and he plays with my clitoris. As I relax, he manages to push his cock in. He lets me relax and get used to it, and then his cock starts pounding me.

Rob is moving and I feel his cock impaling my pussy rubbing my walls. Shane is fucking my ass and I feel his cock expanding my asshole. I moan and scream in pleasure. This double trouble is great and I love being fucked two ways. I enjoy their cocks fucking me and I release all my pent up sexual frustration. I move and gyrate trying to find my pleasure. I am waiting for that one trigger that could set me off. I touch my clit and rub it between my fingers. I cum and shake in pleasure. I am sure both my channels are massaging the men’s cocks. I stop moving, but I feel them moving and thrusting fast. I fall and slump over Rob as he holds me.

I don’t know when they came or if they came, but I did. When I came to, I found myself sandwiched between the both of them. I just lay like that, getting used to it. The night was long and we had just begun playing. I found pleasure through hookups and I would like to continue my life like this for a while.

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