The greatest gay party I ever had in my Life

I was invited to this party at a renowned club. My cousin had the invites but he wasn’t going, so I took that offer. The club was a little far away and I was prepared to spend the night in a nearby hotel. I dressed and arrived at the venue. The queue was short but I could see it was mostly men. I quickly entered and saw that the lounge area was dim-lit. There were a few people now, some women and most men. The venue was a known gay club, so, I accepted to attend and it turned out to be the greatest gay party I enjoyed.

The men are well dressed and really good looking. I walk up to the bar, get a drink and look around to scout for handsome ones. I see a few and then more men arrive. The club looks full now and the semi-naked servers are passing around drinks. Then, through the crowd, I see this good-looking fella – brown hair, sharp blue eyes and a lean body that carries a dress jacket well. Hmm, his eyes meet mine and we hold it. His lips curve up in a friendly smile and he starts walking towards me.

He comes up to the bar and we begin a conversation. I find out that he is a gym instructor – no wonder he has that great body. I would like to see it naked. During our conversation, he comes really close – mmm he smells so good. He is close and he touches my arm, makes eye contact. Then I say “I would like to see you naked.” He smiles, laughs really and pulls me closer saying, “Me too.”

The music is on and the night has just begun, I mean the gay party. We head to the dance floor and see that there are exotic dancers on raised platforms. But I just want Jace – that is his name. We dance some and then get closer, brushing against each other, feeling each other up. At one point we are so close that our noses bump against each other. He takes the bold step and kisses me on the lips. It is just like a brush, soft and quick. But I want more so I do this again and again. Brushing my lips against his. It’s dark here so not much can be seen anyway – so I decide to kiss him hard. I suck his upper lip and as soon as he gasps, my tongue is inside his mouth. He reciprocates and we kiss. Our tongues mingle and I taste his drink.

I am moving against his groin, it’s urgent. He pulls back, takes my hand and we exit the dance floor. We go to the men’s restroom. It is really nice, almost like the lounge itself. We lock ourselves in one stall and he sits on the toilet after bringing down the lid. I unzip and bring out my turgid cock. I was horny for him on the dance floor and he brings me here for relief. He grabs my cock, pulls back the foreskin and licks the exposed sensitive spot. I shiver, experiencing something that I haven’t before. He sucks the top part – the head and massages the remaining length with his hands. The rough hands provide the right level of friction and I lean against the door to enjoy this.

He deep throats me, taking my cock a long way inside. My cock is loving this attention and I press my balls to feel better. He is sucking my shaft like a lollipop and the suction is showing me stars. He keeps at it – sucking the head, then takes the cock fully into his mouth. It’s almost like fucking a pussy. I move as well to get the relief I am seeking. I don’t have to wait for long and I cum. I stand for a while in the stall and relax. Then we both clean up and head back.

We enjoy the gay party – drinks, food and music and late at night, we exit the venue. Jace comes with me to my hotel room as it’s a few minutes away. As soon as we enter the room, he kisses me, while I lock the door. We both undress and he grabs my cock, massaging it. Now it is my turn to pleasure him. I pull his cock, rub and massage it. As soon as it is hard, I begin sucking it. I also press his balls arousing him further. This is happening so fast, that I can’t keep track of it.

He sits on the bed, letting me blow him. But he bends and smacks my buttock. He turns me over and kisses me again. He places a trail of kisses to my pelvis area and then presses my cock and balls. He sucks the head again, and I see stars. I tell him about the lubricant in my bag and he stops to get it. I get on my knees, letting him feel my ass. Then he adds lube to my ass and I relax so that his two fingers slide in. He is fingering me and my toes curl in excitement. While at it, he also fondles me with his other hand.

Then I feel something cool and the tip of his cock is probing my anus. I take a deep breath and he pushes in. It burns and he holds still. I calm down and then he begins thrusting. His thrusts are slow, at first, making my hole used to his cock. His cock is fat and it stretches me no end. I feel pleasure moving through me. His balls hit against mine and he continues his movement. “Ahh! Ahh!” I exclaim and he starts fucking me faster, harder. His thrusts shake the bed and he begins to touch my balls.

I feel good and then he pulls my cock. The foreskin stretches and he masturbates my cock for me. He is giving me a hand job while fucking my asshole. The pleasure is extreme and I cum. I feel his cum splatter in my asshole. His pace slows but he is moving and then we both fall on the bed. We sleep for a while like that – naked and entangled. Then we fuck a few more times during the night. I have decided to stay here the whole weekend and so has he. The gay party was extremely favorable for me, I enjoyed everything there.

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