Watching my tenant doing dirty things to his girl

This is a confession of my voyeuristic tendencies. I couldn’t get hard watching porn and didn’t really have any sexual partners. But secretly watching others would give me a thrill like no other. I owned two apartments and rented out one. They were parallel and we shared a common wall. Almost on all nights, I would hear him moaning or a woman screeching or meowing like a cat. So, I decided to make a hole in the wall to check out the dirty things going on.

One evening I heard him again, I guess he was moving around furniture. I decided to see what was going on. I look through that tiny peephole and what do I see? He has this lady friend up against the wall. Both are dressed, but he is clearly groping her. He has her by her neck, not choking but just holding her in place. The other hand is under her dress, moving, her face contorted in pain or pleasure, I do not know. But the way she is biting her lips, it appears he is fingering her. Oh, this, I wanted to see, dirty things.

I lick my lips and keep on watching. He is murmuring something in her ears and she quietly opens up her top, moving her bra cups aside. Her breasts are large, dome-like, and he just dives in to taste them. He is kissing her boobies and then her nipples. He sucks on the nipples as she moans and moves her hips. It appears his fingering is getting rougher. She is making these noises and I can’t help but grab my rigid cock. I am horny, looking at these guys going at it.

I keep pressing myself and watch the man sucking his lady friend’s nipples. He is enjoying that and so is she. I watch consciously that I shouldn’t make any noise. But this! Then he takes off her dress and kneels. His mouth is attached to her pussy I guess as his head covers that part. It looks like he is shoving his face in there and almost bunting to get his tongue in her pussy. He touches and plays with her nipples by extending his hands and plucking on them.

Then he gets up and unzips, taking his cock out. The girl gets on her knees and pleasures the man. I am masturbating watching them. She starts by sucking and licking on his balls. Her lips are holding onto his sacks and he just caresses her head. Then she rubs his cock, licking the head and pressing down on it with her lips. I imagine that on my cock and press myself. This feels good and I pull on it while they continue their dirty things.

The tenant guy also moans and tries to hump the woman’s mouth. She stops and stands up. She holds the wall and pushes out her ass. Is he going to fuck her ass? Like this? Raw? I have so many questions and all are answered as he leaves the room and returns with a bottle. I bet that is lube, her ass it is.

But before he can use that bottle, she pulls him by his cock and positions it at her pussy opening. She has turned around and her back is to the wall. He wears the condom and then fucks her pussy. There she stands, legs spread as his monster cock goes in and comes out. She is silent and taking it all. He pulls out and turns her to face the wall. Oh, ass time now.

He takes the lube, covering his cock, adding some to her hole. Her ass swallows his fingers as he preps. He penetrates her ass drawing a moan from her. Then he just starts fucking her, slapping her ass and pushing her up against the wall. As I hear and watch them fucking, I am rubbing myself too. I hear his oofff, ooh, ohh and cum myself too. I am out of breath and sit down to get composure. I am tired after watching their fucking session and excited too. I am waiting when he brings his next girls to do dirty things so I get my fill too.

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