Finding Sexual Pleasure After a Long Gap

I had been long suffering from an illness that stopped me from living a normal life. I couldn’t move around freely without being prepared for any sudden contingencies, I couldn’t travel and I couldn’t even have sex – didn’t have a girlfriend or a social life. It kept me confined, careful. But after 10 years I was finally cured. Now I could get what I wanted most as a man and I wanted to get sexual pleasure after a long gap.

I wanted sex, like really bad but was inept at social niceties with women. That would have to wait, first I tried porn. It was wild! The films they have online these days. I saw this one called The Pill and woah, I was so horny. I watched closely when the man used his cock to penetrate the woman’s pussy and imagined the same was happening with my cock. I squeezed my cock and watched them online. I came so hard that night. Maybe because I was starved and needed sexual pleasure after a long gap.

The next thing I tried was phone sex. I dialed in and waited, already excited about talking dirty. A sweet voice answered and my interest piqued. “Hello, who do I have here?” she said. “Uhh I..this is Ryan here, and whom am I speaking with?” I ask. “I am Honey, Mr. Ryan,” she responded and immediately my mind thought of all the dirty things I could tell her. “I want your Honey Miss,” I say and maybe I sound like a dork but she releases this laugh, that makes me join her. I laugh and giggle with her when she gets serious and says, “How should I give you honey Sir? What do you want me todo?” “Talk dirty to me,” I whisper,” and she starts asking me about what I was feeling. Then she said “I get really horny when men call my Sextelefon line, and I love to hear how they get excited at the sound of my voice”. I said, your voice is seductive.

I tell her that I need sexual pleasure after a long gap and she starts asking me about my cock and how hard it was. I tell her that it is interested and rigid. She asks me to imagine, full round breasts and dark nipples and I imagine that I am playing with them, nibbling on the nipples. She moans as I tell her what I am doing to her boobs and says, “Yes, do it more.” I am hard and ready for a warm pussy. She talks some more to me and I take it in my hands to cum. After this, I want to meet Honey and actually play with her body.

I had wished something and due to some circumstance, I met Honey by chance. It appears she lived in the same apartment as me and I recognized her voice. We got talking and in one month she was ready to date me. It took one month of convincing her. We had a few dates and now I wanted more.

She knew of my situation and today we decided to take it slow. In my living room, I sit comfortably as she kneels and plays with my cock. She has graciously agreed to blow me. She licks the top of my cock and I shiver. It has been so long. She sucks the top and her mouth hollows, pressing my cock hard. She licks and rubs the cock with her hands, slowly increasing the pressure. One hand presses my balls and the other pulls on my cock. She continues to suck my cock and bobs her head, up and down pulling my foreskin back. I was getting this kind of bliss and sexual pleasure after a long gap.

“Mmmm,” she moans and I can feel the vibrations on my cock. I want much more now and I show it by pulling her up and kissing her. She responds to my kisses and her tongue plunges into my mouth. We kiss and I taste her. I had imagined her boobies and nipples and today I will see it. I open up her dress and expose her chest. They are small and round – tight and perky. I dive down and latch on to one nipple. I press it between my lips and nibble. My hands grab her boobs and massage them pressing those two hard. I lie on the couch, pulling her on top. We kiss and I feel her naked breasts rub against my hairy chest.

My hands rove over her ass and I lift her skirt to feel the fleshy bump. I pinch one butt cheek and press those too. I reach back and touch her pussy hole. She squirms as I do that and spreads her legs. I finally manage to reach back enough and move her panties. I find the tiny hole of her pussy and rub around the opening. She humps against my naked cock and I feel her wetness. We still kiss and I penetrate her pussy with a single finger. Gosh, it is tight and so warm. I swirl the finger inside and push and pull. I feel more liquid come out. I sit up and make her lie down. I go down on her, parting her folds and licking her clitoris. I add teeth to mix and watch her jump. I hold her down and suck her clit, licking it.

Then I can’t wait anymore and I just stand up, removing my boxers. I quickly cover myself in a condom and go over her. I slowly push my cock into her ready pussy. The first inch that goes, I feel so much pleasure. My cock is pulsing, raring to go. Then I quickly push in, so I don’t delay the pleasure. I wait a bit to calm down so I can last.

Then I start slamming into her. The couch shakes and her boobs jiggle every time I thrust. Her pussy squeezes and massages my cock. Each movement is driving me crazy and I know I am ready to cum. I bend and take a nipple in my mouth sucking on it. As I do that, I also find her clit and rub it. She moans and I can feel her pussy constricting around me. Now it is a tight fit, I feel grabbed and rubbed well. I cum too and release a load of cum into the condom.

The first sexual pleasure after a long gap was so awesome that I didn’t stop after one time. We did it four more times and I was exhausted by the end. My body craves Honey and I try to meet her as much as possible to satisfy myself.

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  1. You couldn’t have sex for 10 years bcuz you couldn’t move around with out contingencies. After 10 years you got cured. Then you could have sex. Yea right. You

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