Mind blowing Sex Experience at a Job Interview

Loyalty is the foundation of any relationship. Be it with your partner or the place you work at. I have been loyal to my company for over 10 years and still work as an assistant manager. Newbies have joined the team as my superiors and try to bully me whenever they get an opportunity. After spending 10 years in this organisation, I am the attraction of the meeting room not for my presentation but for the coffee I made for my seniors. They never miss an opportunity to drop the cup on the floor and wait for me to pick it up to take a glance at my boobs or my ass. Though I have had many mind blowing sex experience but there is one I cherish is I am writing about.

I can’t help it if I am born with a curvy body. I am a size 38DD and a waistline of 28. I was on a look out for a new job and gave many interviews. Recently I went to an advertising agency. I was aware that working at an ad agency would be quite an upgrade to my boring work to home routine. What I was also aware of was the awkward working hours. I was called for an interview by Miss Lane at 7:30 pm. I walked in at sharp 7:30 wearing my lucky maroon skater dress with a beige coat and high heels. I knew I looked sharp. I even took the effort of adding a pair of thick black glasses to add a streak of seriousness to my personality. I met Miss Lane.

Miss Lane welcomed me with a broad smile. She was a lady in her mid-40’s and wore a pair of torn denims with a banyan that had the line, “I love women now go fuck yourself’. She asked me to relax and poured in a glass of bourbon for me. I thought she was super cool. Then, he sat on the desk next to my chair and ran her fingers on my knee. She stared at me and said, “Elene, I think you are very attractive but there are many candidates like you. So, what will you do for me to get this job?” I immediately sat on the edge of my seat and said, “Miss Lane I will do anything for you”.

Miss Lane turned around and pulled her top off, she wore nothing under it. She had firm tits and a pierced belly button. I stood up, alert as ever and took a big gulp of my saliva. I knew at that very moment that this was my chance to get the job of my dreams. I started striping. I removed my coat and unzipped my dress. I wore a lace pair underneath. Miss Lane came closer. She held me by my shoulder and made me sit on her couch. She sat on the couch, next to me and started kissing me. Her hand gently squeezing my breast finding its way inside my bra. My boobs popped out. She sat over me and started licking my breast.

She held them with both her hands and tried to gobble them in her wide mouth. I was very turned on and literally dripping from my panties. She got to her knees and sniffed my panty. She giggled, and I was embarrassed. She moved it aside and tickled my clit with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers made way in to my vagina. Her thumb was simultaneously caressing my butt hole. I wriggled like a fish on that couch. She sucked on my clit and pumped me deep with her fingers. I came in her mouth.

She rose and cleaned her mouth. Then she said what I have been dying to hear, “I think you have passed this interview because I like the way you taste and I would like to have more of you”. The job was going to be super cool and the mind blowing sex experience I had was undoubtedly one of the best.

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