I fucked my innocent maid hard – Sex Confession – 11

I am a 34 year’s old unmarried man who doesn’t believe in marriages and I am writing one of my confessions where I fucked my innocent maid for my lust. For me it was really getting difficult to maintain both office work and household work. So I decided to hire a maid. One fine morning on weekend a young lady knocked on my door. She was a beautiful young girl with a perfect body. Her age will be around 22 or 23. I interviewed her and she seemed perfect for the job. She comes in time and doesn’t give me a chance to complain at all.

For many weeks I didn’t notice her that way. One evening I was sipping whiskey and observing her working. Bending down to wash off the furniture, kneeling down to pick up something dropped. For the first time I noticed, she was hot. And sweet too. Maybe I was drunk, that’s why I was having these thoughts of fucking her, hard. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panty. She wore a bra though. But it was thin enough to make me hard. I went to her. She was cleaning the couch. I turned her around and placed my both hands on her waist, told her “Maybe it’s the alcohol talking I don’t know. Could you be mine for tonight?”.

She seemed astonished. Said, “Sir, I don’t understand what are you talking about”. Her innocence was so tempting. I put my index finger on her lips to shush her, she stopped what she was going to say next. Then I glide down my fingers to her breast, unbuttoning her first button. I could see her cleavage now. Her breasts seemed so firm and juicy. I could see them whole day. Pressed her right one so hard she almost screamed. I didn’t want to be gentle with her. I wanted to make her moan out loud. I kissed her lips and parted them to make my way into her mouth.

That was the time I understood she wanted me too. Her body was making a slight arc so that her breasts makes contact with my chest. My hands slid down to her hips which were so fucking soft. I hold them, pressed them while we were smooching still. I then pushed her away from me a little, hold her throat gently to observe her face. She twitched her lips with her teeth making contact with my eyes. That was the moment I knew she wants me as much as I want her. I ripped off her dress. I wanted to see each and every curve of her perfect 36-28-34 body, unhooked her bra to expose her firm juicy tits.

I was getting so much hard to see her perfect brown round nipples. Her nipples were hard, I sucked them to make them harder, rubbed her cleavage to her nipples with my beard to make her bolder. She was getting more horny by time and began to cup my balls over my boxers with her hand. I then squeezed her butts with both my hands and sucked her earlobe. She shivered a little, seemed to be enjoying it. I pushed her on the couch then. There she was, fully naked, with all her glory. I unbuttoned my night suit and slid down my brief in which my fully erect cock was poking. Fully exposing my rod in front of her I instructed her to suck it.

She positioned herself in the manner of that, hold the base of it and then started sucking it. I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure. It was so fucking amazing. She surely can give a nice blowjob indeed. She took the whole dick in her throat until she gags. I got this feeling that I was about to cum. So I placed her on the couch again and made myself positioned to fuck her. Placing her left leg on my shoulder I slapped her pussy 2 or 3 times with my dick and started to fuck her. Her pussy, inner thigh were trembling in the manner I fuck her. She was holding the edge of the couch and moaned out loud, “Yes! Fuck me hard! Harder!”. I was drilling her pussy with as much as force I could give. I fucked my innocent maid real hard. She squirted gushingly. I kept fucking her until my hips jerked wildly as my cock exploded inside her. Then I collapsed beside her catching breath and my entire body shaking with bone-deep shudders.

It was such an exciting experience where I fucked my innocent maid for my own needs. Though we didn’t do it after that night, I still notice her every second now. Maybe someday later again.

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