Lost my virginity to my hot guitar teacher

When I was 14, I was learning how to play guitar. My home tutor use to arrive every day at 6 pm when my mom went to the gym. Babysitting me and teaching me play the guitar was a means for her to pay for her additional expenses and hangout with her boyfriend at my house. They would make out in front of me and even giggle at the sight of my little hard on. Sometimes she would come alone and run her fingers on mine and whisper, “You are very good with your fingers Shaun, we need to make them use better”. Those small incidents led things differently and I lost my virginity with her.

On one Saturday, my guitar teacher came home, all drenched. I could see her tits through her wet white t-shirt. She asked me where the bathroom was, and I assisted her till the door. She asked me to wait outside. She left the door open, may be to tease me. I could see her striping. She pulled her pants off and adjusted her thong. She removed her t-shirt and pulled her cups closer, adoring at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, her eyes met mine. She gave me broad smile and gestured with her index figure to walk inside the bathroom.

I sheepishly followed her instructions. I stood there with the leaning tower of pisa in my pants. She bent down to my face and kissed me on my cheeks. Her red lipstick stained my skin. Then, she swayed around and subtly asked me if I wanted to unhook her bra. She turned around holding her beautiful firm breasts in her hands. She asked me if I wanted to touch them, I really wanted to, but my hands shivered. She pulled my hand and placed my palm on her tits. I squeezed it a bit which made her giggle. Then she sat on the bathroom cabinet and started stripping me. My manhood popped out like a clown in the box.

She caressed it between her palm, tickling it with her long red nails. I was rock hard now. Then she pulled her thong aside and pulled me closer. She put me inside of her. I felt that a strong current run across my body. I knew what I wanted to do now, I had watched my share of porn. I started humping her. She loved it. She bit her lips and giggled. She nibbled on my ears and pulled my hair. She put my hands on her bobbing breasts. I pinched her tits which made her stare down at me in astonishment.

She was so turned on. She pulled me out and made me lie flat on the slippery bathroom floor. She got on top and rode me like a camel between her legs. She could feel her dripping on my cock. It was 10 minutes and I was still hard. I guess I had lost virginity by now. She said, “Hey Johnny boy, are you gonna loosen up or what?”.  She lied down next to me with sweat dripping from all corners of her body. She took a deep breath and pulled my hands between her legs while she was playing rough with my cock. Between her breath she whispered, “Show me what you learnt till now Johnny boy”. I rubbed her rough and pressed her hard. I couldn’t take it anymore and I came, all over my shirt, stomach and her hand. She got up, looked at me, still lying on the floor and said, “I think we need to work more on your fingers” and walked out.

That day 15 years ago, I lost my virginity to my hot guitar teacher on the bathroom floor.

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