Love with my mature teacher in the high school

Education has the power to change lives. It can change the perception of the society and make them more adaptable with evolution. Evolution is not just physical but also mental. It makes us more acceptable of what the nature has to offer over generations. This can be finely reflected in relationships. Gone are the days when massive age difference between couples was a taboo. Today, it’s a trend. People do fall in love with aged men for their soul and characteristics but money. I am in love with my mature teacher.

I am 18 and I love a man of 42. He is my teacher at high school. He teaches history and I always found it to be fascinating. A heroic past for a better tomorrow. I would always be the most enthusiastic student in the class. Curios to learn more and give in whatever it takes to master the subject. I would always request Mr. Jackson for an after-school class and he would subtly reject. Mr. Jackson was in his late 50’s. He had salt and pepper hair with a 5 pm stubble. He always wore dark glasses that enhanced his puppy eyes and a saw cut jawline. After multiple attempts to lure him in giving me an after-school session, I gave up and spoke about my infatuation towards him to my best friend Jessica. Jessica told me that the key to a man’s heart is between his legs. So, here I was, wearing the skimpiest clothes to school. After enjoying a day of undivided attention from my fellow students, I walked up to my teacher and bent over.

In an empty class, he looked at me from his glasses while correcting our papers. He got up from his chair and walked up to the door to lock it from inside. He walked towards me and picked me up from my waist to make me sit on his desk. He said, “Aren’t you quite stubborn at times my dear student, you deserve a punishment”. He lifted my skirt and unzipped his pants. He spread my legs and put his hard dick inside me. I leaned back. He pulled my long hair in one hand and clenched my waist with the other. My Teacher fucked me hard. I got down from the desk and unbuttoned my shirt. I teased him by licking my tits and touching my clit. He stared at me and shagged hard. He turned me around and pushed my face on the desk. He penetrated me from behind and fucked me hard.

Then, he did something interesting that no man had ever done to me. He rimmed my butthole with his tongue going all the way down to gulp my juices. He fingered me while licking me. I came. This invited him to go deeper. He pumped me at regular intervals till he came and that makes me fall in love with my mature teacher.

This has been our ritual for over a year. I wait for my Friday after school history sessions with my professor. He rates my performance in my papers and I proud to say that I usually get an A. I often ask him that how come I never get an A+ and he responds that no human being is perfect. We all have scope for improvement. So, that night, I landed at his doorstep with an overcoat and nothing under it. I rang the door bell and he opened. He looked shocked. I could hear his wife and kids in the background. I smiled and said I loved him. Then, I opened my overcoat and flashed my body. Looking at my perfect body, he was hard. He asked me to wait in the garage. We had a great time together. That test I got an A+.

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