Start of Gay Relationship with my friend Arthur – Sex Confession-10

Me and Arthur are friends since birth. We live in the same neighbourhood. We went to the same elementary school, same junior high school and now same high school. We do everything together. Basically we are crime partners. Life with him is adventurous. We often go out in the middle of night and roam around the city in our bicycles and watch the sunrise and come back before our parents wake up. Things were going really well. But then that night came. I don’t know what to call it, the best or the worst, that ignited the beginning of a gay relationship with him.

We had to submit our project next week. So we decided to study together that night in my room. After we were done, Arthur said he wants to take a shower. When he returned he was only in boxers. And for the first time I felt that I am looking at him in a very different way. He caught me looking at him. He smiled and started washing off his wet hair with a towel. I was so confused why his bare skin was  bothering me so much. And why did he just smile? He didn’t put his shirt back on. Why didn’t he? I noticed I was getting turned on by him. By my best buddy!

He lay on the bed and told me, “Luke, dude sleep. It’s 2 o’clock already”.

I replied, “Yeah”. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even look at him. How were we going to sleep on the same bed?

Since we had class next morning so I still lie beside him keeping myself as far as possible. I kept staring at the ceiling. Suddenly I felt his hands are rubbing mine. My heartbeat increased. I turned my head to look at him. He was watching me. It was a peaceful, yet warm look. He came closer to me and gave a kiss on my forehead, placed his hand on my neck and said, “You don’t have to over think about everything”. His face was an inch away than mine. Before I could even believe this is actually happening, his lips were on mine. It blew me. That brought the spark to our new tale, our gay relationship.

His fingers slowly slid down to my nipple, flickered it. Still not knowing what to do I placed my hand on his chest. Our lips were fighting with each other. I slid down my hand to reach his back, stopped at his elastic band of his brief, then again making my way back to his chest I scratched all over his back. He then reached for my fully erect cock. He was playing with it, cupping my balls. My cock was trembling with his each stroke. Feeling a bit bolder I decided to make a move. I slithered his boxers and exposed his fully erect dick. He did the same. We began dry humping each other. I could feel his mushroom dick against my thigh. The excitement was on the peak and I was not able to handle the level of stimulation inside me. I couldn’t hold it much longer. My cock twitched a little and it exploded.

As he was still erect I decided to give him a blowjob. I ease on down so that his hard cock brush my cheek. Sucking his balls seemed like I was craving for this for my whole life. Grabbing the base of his dick I positioned myself to take it in my mouth. I swallowed it as much as I could in my virgin throat. Still I could swallow only the half of it. But after a couple of attempts I could take the whole length. He closed his eyes to feel the pleasure and after 5 minutes or so he began to groan and started to say, “I’m cumming…” and before he finished his sentence he started to shoot.

It was the first time I tasted man juice. We did it many times since then. But now I don’t know what’s gonna happen  to our secret gay relationship when we have to leave for college. I Guess some things are better left unfinished.

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