Sex in the Kitchen with a Mature Woman – Sex Confession-12

Hi, I’m here to confess a nasty story of my life. Let me introduce myself first though. I am Luke, age 22, recently joined in a software company. So had to shift to another city. New city, new people. You know how it feels. But as I am very friendly with kids, I have made some friends here. One of them is Tina, who once invited me for lunch to her house. Who knew a simple chit chat and playing with her kid would become a gateway for me to her mom and sex in the kitchen with her?

Last weekend, I went to her house. It was 8 or so, in the evening. A middle aged woman opened the door. She was around 36 possibly,  wearing a baby pink coloured short tube dress with a front faced zip. Brown hair, medium length, partially curled. With that dress I could easily measure her perfect figure; 36-28-34. She asks, “Are you Tina’s friend?” with a perfect upward curve on her face. I nod in agreement. She invited me to come inside, said, “Tina is waiting for you in the living room. Come, this way.”.

We talked about how that little demon makes her crazy. She said her husband was out for a couple of days for business. For a moment some devil thoughts came into my mind. Still, trying to be a gentleman I try to keep these feelings aside. But just looking at her breasts was enough to give me a boner. Tina went to sleep, as she had class next morning. And Leana(Tina’s mom) got up to bring me some dessert she made. I offered to help. She hesitated for a moment then accepted my offer. While she was serving the dessert, a spoon dropped on the floor. She bent to pick it up and I couldn’t control myself to grab her ass as I was standing right behind her.

She got surprised but didn’t make any issue. Instead she smirks, slides up her hand from my chest to the back of the head and put her lips on mine. She told, “I like sex in the kitchen too”. I grabbed her breasts with both my hands. The kiss which started gently, gone wild. She seems so fucking horny. I unzipped her dress. She wasn’t wearing any bra or panty which made things easy for me. I lifted her up, holding her thigh and set her down on the cupboard. Holding her thigh with my left hand and right one pressing her breast, I showered her with kisses.

I pull her nipple with my lips and suck them with a gentle force. She suddenly pushes me away and jump off the cupboard. Comes near me and sit in a squat position and starts to undo my jeans. Rubbing her hand on my crotch, she pulls down the underwear too. Her hands are relatively small for my 7′ dick. She held it, began rubbing up and down. Kissed the top of it with her pink firm lips and takes a small portion in her mouth continuing the stroking. I moan in pleasure. The way she was looking at me while doing this says it all.

She was hungry for a huge cock for a long time. She sucked my balls while her hands stroking my cock. Taking me by surprise she took the whole length. And I got this feeling I wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer. With this, I lay her down on the floor and putting her legs on my either shoulder I put my dick inside her. Her wet warm pussy sends a shiver down my spine. She kept her eyes focused on mine. The pace increased and she was biting her lips to control herself from screaming. I then turn her over to get her butt cheeks.

I slapped ’em with my fully erected cock and put it inside her vagina from behind in a doggy style position. I used all my force to fuck her hard, to hit the extreme end of her vagina. Cum dripping down from her pussy were all over the floor. Things were getting wild. She hold a handle of the cupboard with her right hand to get along with the pace. I slap her butt cheeks hard and keep fucking her hard. At this point she told me she wanted me to fuck her from behind. I pull it out and push back in, in her asshole. It was so damn tight. I couldn’t hold it much longer. As soon as the wave started I pull it out and turn her over again to spill it out on her stomach, shooting like a curve. I exploded in ultimate pleasure. The sex in the kitchen experience was unimaginably hot.

Since then she accepts whenever I offer to help her in the kitchen. 😉

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