Sex and Lust with my college junior for a night – Sex Confession – 6

Some things are just stuck on your mind. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t escape them, you can’t go further with the thoughts, and can’t wipe them out from your mind for sure. Something amazing happened in the last few days of my college. I met a guy. He was younger than me. He was in 2nd year while I was in 4th year. It was a chilly night, around December I think. We first met at a party which was arranged by seniors. One of my friends invited him. By the way, I am 22 years beautiful female with lot of energy all around and this is one of my confessions of sex and lust.

Not being a party animal, I was sipping my drink in a corner of the room. When I first saw him first thing came in my mind was, “Gosh! He’s cute!”.

Later when we started talking I found out he was funny too. Now I don’t know if that was him or alcohol. But looking at him, I was trying so much to hold myself back from kissing him, feel his arms around me in that wintery night. I was trying to stop thinking these vulgar thoughts as he was 2 years younger than me. But I couldn’t. Seeing his lips moving was not helping me to concentrate on his stories about where he travelled last year and plans of this year.

At a point I gave up battling with myself and interrupted him, “You know, years ago I went backpacking across western Europe. I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo…”. Being a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan himself, he understood my intentions. He burst out laughing and hold my chin, lifted it up a little, and put his lips on mine. It was gentle, yet so wild, so warm. The aftertaste gave me butterflies in stomach and I immediately decided to take this to another room. I was going to propose just when he asked me, “Would it be too wrong if we spend some alone time? Just for the night?”. I don’t know what came into me. May be sex and lust had already taken over both of us. I replied “Let’s find out!”.

I hold his hand and went searching for a quiet place where we could spend the night, just the two of us. We found one room in the Boy’s hostel as everyone was busy partying in the hall room. I locked the door and turned around. He was now sitting on the bed, looking at me. His eyes were full of lust. I could see in his eyes, he wants to rip off my clothes and feel my skin against his. I sat on his lap keeping my legs either side. Wrapping his one arm around my waist and the other one untying my hair, he started kissing me.

It started off really soft, then eventually it got raw, wild. His arms were playing around my whole body. He took all the control of me, pushed me on the bed, lift my hands and pinned them to the bed. Ripped off my top, unhooking my bra, he came on top of me, bent forward and start licking at the bottom of my neck making it wet with saliva. His lips were on mine again, and hands roaming around from my neck through my breast to vagina, making it wet more and more by the time. He grabbed my breast, looked at them for a while and said, “God! Your tits are huge!” and started squeezing them and pinching the nipples, really hard.

It made me moan out loud. I wanted him badly. He stuck his face in between them and lifting up the skirt, he put his hand inside my panty, and with the index finger, he started rubbing my pussy. Left and right, up and down. It made me shiver with pleasure. As he was on me, I could feel his hard dick against my thigh. He pulled down my panties, making me completely naked, brought his head near my pussy and started teasing me with his beard. I couldn’t take any more teasing as I haven’t had sex for like one year. I moan his name, telling him that I want him inside me. For a second he was shocked, but immediate recovering himself, he asked, “Are you sure?”. I was definitely sure. I didn’t want to think about what’s going to happen the next morning, sex and lust was everything for me then.

All I could think about, is to be with him for that night, for the first time and possibly the last. I’ve never been this turned on. He takes his dick out, hold me by my waist, and push me to go to the top end of the bed. I spread my legs wide, with my hands. He spit on the dick, rubs it, jerk it, spit on his fingers, rub it on my vagina, hold his dick and push it in. He grabs hold of my waist, sitting in a squat position, with his dick inside me he starts fucking me. Since I am holding the top end of the bed, he uses all his force to push his dick inside, as far as he can. My body starts moving in the manner he fucks me. He scratches my back, hold my boobs and squeeze them. He now stretches my pussy with his hands and his dick starts hitting the extreme end of my vagina. I can feel the warm pre cum that’s oozing inside. I’m now able to feel the nerves of his dick. My pussy is dripping the cum on the bed. I moan loud, breathing heavily, asking him to fuck harder.

I couldn’t help and was moaning like hell, “Fuck me thinking you only have a day with me”.

He- “Where do you want me to cum?”

Me- “I would love to taste it”.

He takes his dick out. I hold his dick with my one hand, kneeling down in front of him, I gently kiss the top of the dick and then take it in mouth slowly. I take it deeper more and more till I gag and gasp for breath. He grabs my hair with his hands in a manner of tying and pushes it in my mouth. He keeps pushing it till I gag. He cummed, in my mouth. It was a lot of cum. Warm, thick. I still wish for it, inside me, every single night, the sex and lust I always wished for. Well, we suddenly noticed it was 4 a.m. in the morning already. So we got dressed up and went to the party again. Everyone was so wasted that no one even noticed we weren’t there.

Thinking of that night still gives me shiver in my whole body. It was hardcore, raw, wild. Probably the best night to be remembered full of sex and lust.

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