From Boring routine life to open sex party

My friend and I were travelling to Spain. We were just bored of our routine life and needed a break. My friend Leslie was a wild child. She used to try crazy things and encounters with strangers as well. She had a lot of sex partners from the time I knew her in high school. On the other hand, I was pretty simple. I just had a high school boyfriend with whom I broke up three months back. Life was colourful for her and black and white for me. In Spain also, Leslie was planning on searching for a date. I did not know that my life will take a turn from the daily chores to an open sex party.

We checked in to the hotel and quickly went for a swim. After a while, we relaxed on the chairs and ordered our drinks. I saw a man approaching us. He was Asian and had brown skin. He came near Leslie and asked her if she would be interested in an open sex party.

I just cringed at the phrase. On the other hand, Leslie was interested in extracting the details from the Asian man. I just gave Leslie a look but she ignored. In fact, she even confirmed our presence. I was very upset with her.

Leslie told me that I should just free up a little and try to have some fun. She also told me that no one will be forcing me to have sex. Listening to that, I relaxed and thought of just going to the party to witness the fun.

We started dressing up two hours before the party. Leslie was wearing a sequence blouse and a short skirt. I was wearing a simple off-shoulder dress. We reached the venue and checked our makeup again. We just wanted to put our best foot forward.

It was a secluded bungalow. The open sex party was obviously in a private property. As soon as we entered, we saw a couple making out in the porch. Once we entered, I was taken aback. Everyone was either having sex or making out. I could hear sweet moaning sounds from a lot of people around me. One man approached me but I denied. He quickly left.

I saw Leslie leaving with that Asian man who came to invite us. I could find some place for myself on the couch. I just sat and was observing everyone around. I could also see a staircase. A man and a woman came down from the staircase. The man pushed the woman on the couch and aggressively removed her dress. They started having sex.

I was panting and was totally turned on looking at all of this. I just went up on that staircase and found an empty room for myself. I just went and stood near a window as I needed some fresh air. I could see Leslie near the swimming pool making out with the Asian guy.

My thoughts were disturbed by a Spanish guy. He just tapped on my shoulder and to my surprise I grabbed him and started kissing him. He pressed my boob and started giving me a massage. He worked his hands swiftly through my dress.

Soon another girl walked in and started touching him all over. I got bored and walked down to explore more. I went near the pool and saw Leslie lying on the floor. Her blouse was removed and the Asian guy was sucking her nipples. At the same time, she had a cock of another guy in her mouth. She was having the time of her life.

One girl came and asked me if she could kiss me. I grabbed her face and started kissing her. At the same time, a guy came and started spanking my ass. I immediately turned towards him and he pushed me on the floor. He removed my panties and inserted his cock in my pussy. He started fucking me hard and I was on the edge of excitement. The girl got down and started playing with my nipples.

I honestly had a great time that evening but I am embarrassed to mention about it to anyone else. As a woman, I also have my own kinky desires, and I don’t mind if I get a chance to explore them.

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