The Hot night at the movie theatre – Sex Confession-4

The summer of 2006 was the best time of my life and I am sharing this story of a hot night at the movie theatre. I was moving out of home to go to college. And so, I ensured that no night was spent without having a good time with my loved ones. So we planned, each night for a fortnight had to be a memorable one. Be it climbing the water tank drunk or flashing my butt from my car window, I did it all. I was the coolest guy to hang out with. Most of the people had an impression that I had done it all. My cousins used to walk up to me to get sex advice. But little did they know that I had never been touched by a woman.

This one warm evening, we all planed to go for a movie. After much deliberation, we decided to go for ‘The Night At The Museum’. We were four of us going for the movie. Sam, my cousin, was to pick me up from home. The movie was to begin at 8 pm but there was no sight of Sam till 7:45 pm. I panicked and dialled my other cousins and told them to inform at the gate regarding my late entry. My seat was A16. I reached at the movie theatre and rushed to my seat, C16. I quickly sat down without noticing who I was sitting next to.

From what I remember was a girl in a hoodie who looked very similar to my cousin, Jenny. Jenny was a beautiful girl who didn’t know how to appreciate her curves. She would wear basketball shorts that would in the strangest manner compliment her butt. She wore a silver chain around her waist that had a little bell on the hook, so every time she jumped raising her top a bit, that bell would jingle. She always wore singlets with low cuts. And with those big hard tits, we could see her top trying to break through and let them free. She enjoyed gardening which left her body with the sweet smell of the soil and her hands a bit rough.

So, there I thought, I sat next to Jenny. The lights dim, and the movie begins. After a while, I feel a hand slide on my thighs, gently rubbing it. I froze. I acted as if I didn’t notice and kept staring at the screen. I was sitting upright and stiff. Her hand slowly moves round my basketball shorts and slides them upwards. She touches my bare skin and I lose my mind. She runs her sharp nails on my skin, scratching it gently. I have a rock-hard boner in my pants now. She tickles my balls with her nails and makes way through the cut in my briefs.

She grabs my dick in her hand and strokes it like there’s no tomorrow. I feel nervous and quickly roll my bag over my crotch. Still, I have no courage to move towards her or even look her in the eye to express my appreciation. She grips my cock harder and pulls my skin down. I gasp in pain. Now she caresses the tip with her fingertips, one tap at a time. She uses her thumb in circular motion to arouse me even more. Now she goes back to holding my cock in her palm and moves my foreskin up and down. The rhythm gets faster and I hold my bag tighter. I can’t control myself, I am sweating profusely. I cum.

She slides her wet hands out of my pants and quickly makes her way out of the theatre. The interval lights come on and I hear Jenny’s voice behind me asking me to come and sit with her. I remained dumbstruck with the hot night at the movie theatre and what happened with me in last thirty to forty minutes!

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