Losing virginity to my cousin Sam

I was around 20 years old when this encounter happened between my cousin Sam and me. My puberty was hitting me hard, and my feminine mate was full of heat. Masturbating was on full swing for me at that time. However, I never got the opportunity to experience real life sex or losing virginity to someone. It was the holiday season and my mum’s brother’s son Sam was at our place for a few days. He was 2 years elder to me and I was pretty comfortable with him.

One day, my parents had to leave around 9 am to attend a wedding in a nearby town and was not coming back until evening. After they left, I was sitting on the sofa in a loose t-shirt and shorts, surfing the channels on the television when Sam came out of his room. He asked if Mum and Dad have left and then sat beside me. Everything was normal until he asked me – “So which porn site do you surf?”I looked at him in shock. He smiled and kept a hand on my bare lap and said – “I saw you masturbating yesterday!”I didn’t know what to say. I sat there awkwardly for a while, staring at his hand that was still on my lap. He asked me – “Have you ever had sex little sister?” I shooked my head in a ‘No’. I thought the topic had ended, but it was just the beginning. He then asked me – “Do you ever wish to experience it ?” and I don’t know why but I nodded my head in a ‘Yes’. He took out a small laugh and said that he’ll make me experience it. To my surprise, I looked up to him and measured the lust that was building in his eyes. I could also feel the grip of his hand on my lap getting intense. I was sure something was going to happen and I was on the urge of losing virginity to my cousin. He then stood up and asked to follow him to the room. Like a hypnotised girl, I did followed him. We entered the room, and he made me sat on the bed.

He came closer and pulled over my t-shirt and shorts and there I was in my bra and underwear in front of a man for the first time ever in my life. He pressed my left boob from above the bra and kissed me on my lips for a good 5 minutes. He then pulled out my small, yet well-shaped melons from the bra and started sucking it. Then, he took my hand and placed it on his dick and asked me to take it out. I pulled down his track and released his manhood. It was thick and long. Gorgeous! He asked me to suck. I took only 2 inches of it in my mouth as I was feeling uncomfortable.

He waited for me to take the whole of it for a while and then thought of taking the charge in his own hands. He grabbed my pony and deep throated me. I was coughing and my eyes were wet but he was busy fucking my mouth. I could hear him moan, and it was making me wet down my underwear. He then pushed me, and I was lying on the bed. He bent down and took off my underwear and came next to me. He started sucking my tits and gave bites from time to time. I was enjoying this new sensation in me and the urge of having a dick inside my vertical lips was on the full peak and I wanted to feel the pleasure of losing virginity. He then went down and licked my inner thighs and vaginal lips. I started moving up my pelvis involuntarily. I held his head and pushed into my pussy since I liked it very much.

I was trembling, and my body was arched upwards, releasing some juices from my pussy.  He then brought his dick near my entrance and rubbed it all over leaving a trail of his precum. He told me it would pain a bit in beginning but it will subside with the pleasure you get. I nodded. He asked me to spit on his dick and rub it so that it gets a little lubricated. I followed what he said. After he entered inside me for about half an inch, I felt resistance in my love hole but he continued to drive. I felt my hymen stretch and started feeling pain. I wanted to move out. But he pinned my hands and lip locked me while pushing deeper. I knew I was losing virginity but now I understood what is the pleasure of sex.

I felt like almost dying. He pulled out a bit and repeated the strokes. This time I felt little pain. He continued pumping me and gradually increased the pace. I began enjoying and started pulling him more inside, wrapping my legs involuntarily around his waist. I felt an orgasm was about to hit me. I told him and he continued humping me till I felt his cock throbbing inside my tight love canal. Within a few minutes, I reached the climax. He humped me for a few more minutes and finally took out his cock and splashed white liquid over my belly and boobs. I felt a strange satisfaction. We lay there for some time and then got dressed up. After that day, till the time Sam was at our place, we had these horny and dirty encounters on a regular basis.

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