Sex with hot colleague Mansi

It has been a couple of years since I have shifted to Dubai for my job as a project manager for an international corporate firm. The company has a handful of employees, a good amount which hails from India. Mansi was one of those few people. She joined the office in 2017 as software development and this incident happened 3 months after that. She was the popular chic of the office not because of her work but because of her perfectly curved body. Her breast and ass were in perfect shape and gave awkward boners to men in the office whenever she wore her black, tulip style dress. A perfect hot colleague for whom everyone was dying for.

One day, while I was sipping my regular cup of cappuccino in the cafeteria, she came and sat next to me and initiated a conversation. I took advantage of that golden opportunity and cracked jokes, complimented her looks, dressing sense and left no stone unturned to impress her. Gladly, it worked! After a hectic week, a few of our colleagues were planning to go for drinks before we start the weekend but due to some reasons, everyone dropped out. Something struck Mansi and she invited me over to her flat for a couple of drinks. So I agreed and just to let you know, that day, she was wearing that same black dress. I kept staring at her while driving. She caught me a few times but did not say anything.

We reached her place and she went to her room to freshen up. Meanwhile, I was browsing fashion magazines that were kept on the couch. After a couple of minutes, I heard her footsteps and looked up only to get dumbstruck. She was standing in front of me in a red coloured lace and satin night dress. Her cleavage was visible amply, and the length was just above her knees. She was a holding a bottle of wine in her hand and tapped my head to get me into my senses. She asked me to pass the glasses that was kept on the side table near the sofa. I handed it to her and my fingers entangled with her. She smiled and took the glass from my hand. After pouring some wine in it, she handed it back to me. However, she was drinking from the bottle itself. After a few glasses, I was mildly high and was laughing crazily. She was playfully pulling and hitting my shoulder every now and then. Suddenly, I noticed her bare, wheatish legs and was unable to take my eyes off it. She tapped me on my shoulder and asked,“What?” Oh no, I was thinking about her, my hot colleague.

Me: I thought only fashion models in magazines wore such dresses!

Mansi: Who said so? Why, didn’t you like it?

As I was drunk, instead of saying you look awesome, I said, “No! No! It is awesome.”Mansi hit my shoulder with her shoulder playfully and asked, “What is awesome?”

Me: Your boobs and ass.

Mansi: Do you want to see them fully?

I immediately said, “Yes,” and within a few seconds she removed her night dress. She was just wearing a transparent thong which barely covered her clean shaven pussy. My penis became rock hard, and she immediately held my penis. She slowly started jerking me off. I held her face and kissed her softly looking straight into her eyes. I could see the burning desire for sex in her eyes. We kissed for a couple of minutes deeply and I slowly went down to taste her soft, juicy boobs. She moaned in pleasure. Then, I moved her thong aside and pulled her towards me, splitting her legs. I brought my face down there. Her pussy smelled heavenly. I started licking it with great force. She couldn’t take it and started moaning with a lot of pleasure. I had to keep a hand on her mouth so that the neighbours don’t hear us. But I wanted to explore my hot colleague fully.

Then, I made her lie on the sofa with her head on the sofa seat and legs on the sofa back, wide open. I took the wine bottle and poured some wine into her pussy and started licking it. She was shivering and moaning continuously.

After licking the pussy to dry, I carried her nude to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I inserted my rock hard dick into her. It slid in smoothly as she was damn wet. I kept ramming her and she was moaning like anything. My eyes caught the glimpse of her boobs shaking up and down while I was fucking her and Man, it felt amazing. The session continued for about 15 minutes and then I came inside her. I lied down beside her for some time and then we both went to the washroom and turned on the warm shower. We were kissing each other hard while enjoying the hot and relaxing shower. After the shower, we both wrapped ourselves in towels and sat in the balcony facing each other and sipping some more wine. Finally I could get my hot colleague with me on the bed!

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