Melissa’s Love at first sight-Romantic Moments

This is part-2 of the story Melissa’s Love at first sight.

As usual, Melissa was pouring drinks to people and Gary showed up at her counter. He didn’t order anything but just sitting there and noticing her. Melissa didn’t know that Gary had come, and she was busy attending others until he called her. Melissa heard her name and turned around to see who called her. She got excited when she found out it was Gary. She went close to him and asked him if he needed a drink. Gary nodded his head and stood there for a while staring at her. Melissa never believed in any of the real love stories until that moment.

They briskly slipped into the moment of intimacy from which they both couldn’t recover. It was hard for both to take their eyes off from each other. At that moment, Melissa desired to be with him and was getting infatuated by him. Her hunger for his taste, his smell and the feel of touching his soul were making him irresistible and Melissa was finding hard to hide that feeling from her face. She took her eyes off him and moved to the other end of the corner to keep herself in check. The wilderness of the moment between Melissa and Gary was getting both of them and the primal need of expressing the sacred passion for each other was slowly finding its ways. Melissa knew that Gary was continuously looking at her and her sheer need of talking to him was making difficult for her to focus on her work.

The conversation between their eyes had already started and in those seconds, she felt her first real of romantic moments. Slowly, the crowd was going away, and Melissa was about to get off her shift. She saw Gary was still sitting there and waiting for her to get free. She went up to him and asked if he needed anything. Her heart started pounding and she was getting nervous. Gary kept looking at her and felt something for her which he couldn’t deny. An undeniably alive feeling of passion was running through his veins. They both started talking and introduced each other. They sat on a table in a corner and soon entered into a blissful state of romantic moments where they both were holding each other’s hand and were sitting very close.

Like real love stories, Gary didn’t know when he ended and when she began to grow on him. His addiction to patience is tearing him and his infinite urge of desiring her slowly growing. He slowly started moving his hands through her hair, wrapping them around her while looking into her eyes. They both could feel that passion and energy and when their skin touch, they could feel a magnetic spark towards one another. Before the long night ends, they both get drowned into the breath of each other and started kissing passionately. They discovered something that has never been sweet before that moment.

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