Melissa’s Love at first sight

They had never met or seen each other until one day when she felt… love at first sight. For Melissa, love, at first sight, was slightly a bizarre concept as she never believed in love and or experienced any kind of infatuation or attraction ever before for someone. Melissa believed or at least used to think that love at first is bullshit until she met him and actually felt the feeling that she fell for him the moment she laid her eyes on him.

Melissa and Gary met first time in a bar and he was sort of regular there. Melissa was doing her first night bartending and Gary was going through a breakup with his girlfriend with whom he was for 4 years. When she turned around to pour drinks for people, she saw him sitting in the last table, his eyes were all over the place as if he was looking for someone. He was sad and depressed and wanted to pour himself into alcohol for that night.

Melissa went closer to him and when she looked in his eyes, she felt, she saw his soul and that’s when she felt her first love at first sight moment which she didn’t realise until later. His eyes captivated her in the middle of the bar and she forgot what was happening around her. She stood there for a while and kept looking at him as if she knew him at that moment. Soon, someone called her name for a drink and her spellbound broke.

After an hour, Gary ordered a drink. Melissa went up to him and poured him. When she locked her eyes with him, everything around her slowed down and she stood there staring at him for a couple of seconds and then returned to her place pouring drinks to others. Meanwhile, Gary finished his drink, paid her in cash and moved out of the bar. She tried to talk to him to know his name, but he left quickly.

Melissa felt sad, but she hoped he could return tomorrow. In the belief of that, she waited for the other night eagerly and impatiently. Next night, Gary came and ordered his drink. He sat in the corner, drank it and again left. Melissa couldn’t find much time to ask his name. This continued to happen for a couple of days until one night.

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