10 Weird Places to have Sex

If people want to get creative when it comes to their sex life, there are plenty of places where couples can have sex. However, everyone winds up having it in their bedroom and crazy thoughts make them to look for
Weird places to have sex. Well, maybe a lot of people don’t want to do it in their own bedroom for a change then they try going to hotels and enjoy there. Though, now, for the most part, people want to keep their sex pretty vanilla and want to try different locations. Some couple takes it too far and they get on the super crazy drive. For the majority of couples, kinky sex play will likely remain their fantasy place just like showing in the movies. A lot of people have gotten frisky and venture out creative places to have sex away from the privacy of their bedroom.

Below are some of the Weird places to have sex

Adult Beaches

Weird places to have sex

These places are rewarded with intimate seclusion and can be ideal for those who fantasize about having sex on the beach. There are many significant couples all around the world who want to throng to the beach for summer vacations and there are many ideal beaches all over the world where couples can enjoy being cozy and naughty like Plakias Beach in Greece, Grand Saline, St. Bart’s Caribbean, Playa El Agua, Margarita Island in Venezuela, etc. There are many governmental-run nude beaches for couples. Couples can add these places on their bucket list of Weird places to have sex.

In the Parked Car

Weird places to have sex

For those who want to minimize the risk of getting caught but they are still interested in going at it, for such couples having sex in the garage can add voyeurism to their relationship. Many couples are interested in trying out the best places to have car sex and a car garage can be the right place which is a balance between private and public. For those who are trying for the first time, garage can be the ideal place to have their first experience of having sex in public places.

In Bar Washroom or Private Restaurant

Weird places to have sex

Couples want to try their favorite restaurant or bar washrooms, especially on the off night when it is not busy. This can be one of the ideal places to have sex in public. If you want to pull off this experience with your partner, then you must come prepared. It is important for both to be comfortable and easy as there cannot be always sanitary situation around. In order to not let anyone including bartender, it is best to keep your voices low.

50-yard line of High School

Weird places to have sex

Many couples fantasize about getting it on outside their bedroom and doing it on a 50-yard line in a high school can fulfill their wish. It can be one of the exciting places to have sex. Try having sex in new places turn out to be hotter and so many couples want to turn up the heat. It can be a risky sex experience, but it can come as a surprise when your partner may wish for it. These places spice up the sex experience and your significant other may love it.

On Top of Water Tower

Weird places to have sex

When it comes to looking for strange places to have sex, the top of the water tower may quite top the list. In the middle of the night, as there can be very few people around, couples can take the risk of getting the experience of having sex there. It can be worth the risk as having it under the sky full of stars can be the fantasy of many couples. Just for precaution, don’t fall out.

On A Boat

Weird places to have sex

In the middle of the lake or sea could be considered as quite a wild and one of the crazy places to have sex. There can be very few boats or people around and the chances of getting caught can also be a risk, however, the possibility of being seen by someone can still be there. Though, water can be very erotic and trying to have the experience in there can be worth of all risks. Without any discomfort, unless you feel to, you can have all the effect of having sex outside and among the Weird places to have sex.

Getting Naughty in Nature

Weird places to have sex

Going on an adventurous with your partner in the woods can turn you on and if you are spontaneous to try adventurous places to have sex then this could be your wish coming true. There are very fewer people around in the woods and you can easily get super naughty with your partner. You can hang out there, talk for a while and can choose a spot in the woods where no one can see you. It can be unusual but the interesting nature view perhaps can turn you and your partner on.

Play Time At a Park

Weird places to have sex

Some people want to try doing at some fun place and the park can top the list. It is one of the fun places to have sex where couples cannot get overrun by family or friends if the timing is considerable. They can enjoy their intimate time around the corner where trees can hide them. The timing of risk should be adjusted before being caught by any neighbor or family member.

By the Large Window

Weird places to have sex

If you are exhibitionist, then this can be one of the unusual places to have sex. Without getting discomfort, you can have all the effects of having the experience of doing outside. This can be the unusual location which offers you the interesting view of the outside and perhaps for some onlookers below as well. Those couples who want the thrill of getting likes from the audience, they can give it a try.

At Work

Weird places to have sex

Many people have sexual fantasy but only a few are brave enough to act on it. Many people are brave enough to get down on their partners in their office space and for them; this can be one of the interesting places to have sex. Private elevators, bathrooms or a conference room are all the forbidden places for sex but if the boss is not around then you can surely give it a try with your partner.

People from being wild and crazy to the tried and true Weird places to have sex, they can add switch things up with their partners and can discover some of the amazing spots where they can get it on.

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