Falling In Love with a Stranger on Phone

A 30-year old single, handsome and workaholic businessman Ruhaan was an old school romantic guy. Despite his workaholic nature, he remained flocked around with people especially women. Money mattered to him but not more than his love for his family and friends. No matter how busy he was, he always gets time for them. Ruhaan’s […]

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The Contract Marriage- Falling In Love

This is part-2 of the story The Contract Marriage. He went to the cafe again, hoping to talk to her. He offered her a lot of money and asked her for a one night stand. He was sure that would cure him of her. But she denied the offer. He had already run a background […]

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The Contract Marriage- Finding The Bride

The Billionaire Arnab Raizada is the most eligible bachelor of the entire state. Despite his pretentious nature, women flocked around him. Money always attracted them and his devilish good looks added to the charm. But none of them was worth marrying. They would hound him for his money and reputation. He was irritated on his […]

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