Falling in Love with a Stranger on Phone-Part 2

This is part-2 of the story Falling in Love with a Stranger on Phone

She said she was out of town for a couple of days and as soon as she returned she gave him a call. He felt a sigh of relief and then started talking to her. Over the phone, they started talking about their fantasies and desires and what they will do on their first day when they will meet. Ruhaan was unable to control his excitement for her and he asked her to meet tomorrow. He had now became a fan of her sexy voice. The next day when they met, she was wearing a beautiful light-coloured dress which was looking perfect on her body. Ruhaan couldn’t take his eyes off her and wanted to take her away to someplace quiet where he could could explore her more and fulfil all his desire.

She hesitantly agreed. He took her to his place and he started kissing her on lips. His hands were running all over her body. He felt exactly like he had imagined. He kissed her neck and quickly placed his hands around her breasts and started pressing them gently. She moaned softly and helped him in unzipping her dress and unhooked her bra so he could suck her buds. She lied down on the couch and moaned softly around his ears while kissing him on his neck and playing with his ear lobe with her tongue. Her sexy voice aroused him, and he runs his hands down and put them in her panty. She widened her legs and he could feel that she opened herself for him willingly. He got aroused even further and he started touching her inner thighs and started kissing her clit. His one hand was playing on her breast while others were taking pleasure in playing inside her clit. All this while he could hear her moaning and how she was getting wet and warm.

He knew she had surrendered herself to him completely and that was giving him the ultimate pleasure. He took down his pants and wanted to put himself inside her. He took her panty away and slipped his huge erection inside her. He held her tight and slowly putting his dick inside her. This was sending jitters to her body. It was hot and he was swaying his body till entire length fit inside her perfectly. So, he swiftly kept pushing it inside her and could feel inch by inch of her clit. She began to moan harder and louder and he could see her orgasm running through her. As her clit started drenching out with pleasure, he couldn’t control himself and shot his cum inside. He closed his eyes and blacked out and when he opened them, he found himself perspiring alone in his bed with no one around.

He had a smile on his face and shook his head knowing that he was going crazy about that girl whom he hadn’t seen yet. Her sexy voice over the phone was making him go crazy about her and that he should definitely meet her. He called her quickly and asked her if she could meet him. The girl said yes and planned to meet in a restaurant. Later that evening, they met in a restaurant. To his surprise, she was wearing the same dress that he dreamed, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was looking beautiful and perfect how he imagined.

They ordered drinks and started talking. Ruhaan suggested that they could go to someplace quiet and could continue their conversation. At first, she hesitated and Ruhaan could see that on her face. To calm her, he suggested staying there only if she wasn’t comfortable. Seeing that gesture, the girl got comfortable and when after a few hours, she asked him to drop her at her place. They left the restaurant and drove to her place in his car. Ruhaan kept thinking about his dream and wanted to touch her hands in his but he was resisting in doing so just not to make her feel uncomfortable.

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