Falling in Love with a Stranger on Phone-Part 3

This is the third and final part of the previous stories-

Falling in Love with a Stranger on Phone-Part 1

Falling in Love with a Stranger on Phone-Part 2

He was getting turned on with her perfume and wanted to smell her from closer. When he found hard to resist, he gently asked her to hold her hands and to his surprise, the girl said yes. He was happy and was convinced a little that she also liked him. He dropped her off and she thanked him for the lovely night. He drove off thinking about her and couldn’t wait to see her next time. In the next few days, they met a couple of times and with every meeting, he started believing that it was more than lust. He started feeling for her and wanted to make her part of his life. He wasn’t sure whether she also liked him in that way.

He decided to confront his feelings to her and prepared himself for her answer. He decided to meet her in a restaurant and made plans for the evening. He wanted to make her feel special and so made some arrangements with help from the manager of the restaurant. He booked a table in the corner where they couldn’t be disturbed and asked the hotel staff put on some light music, flowers and bottle champagne on her arrival. The girl arrived and she was looking stunning in the beautiful red dress. Ruhaan stood there for a minute and kept looking at her. He couldn’t stop smiling and wanted to take her in his arms the moment she stepped in. Ruhaan pulled the chair and make her sit comfortably. On his order, flowers were given to her and he could see the beautiful smile on her face. Later, he ordered the champagne and poured it in her glass.

After a couple of minutes, he ordered her favourite food to make that evening special for her. Later, when they were done, he decided to tell her about his feelings and with courage he told her. For a moment, she said nothing and Ruhaan thought that she got upset. A minute later, she got up and move close to him and hugged him. Ruhaan was surprised and he wrapped his arms around her back and hugged her tightly. She said she also felt the same for him from the moment she heard his voice and she falls in love to that moment only. She couldn’t tell him so far because she wasn’t sure whether he liked her not. Ruhaan had tears in his eyes on listening to those words and he took her in her arms and stepped outside to go to his place. They drove to his place and he took her into his empty house which was no longer empty due to her arrival. Both of them were getting turned on due to the heat of the moment.

He kissed her slowly and deeply and gently put her on the bed. His tongue was entwined with hers and he was running his hands all over her feeling her skin. Slowly he unhooked her dress and took them away. He kissed her neck and teased her buds until they became hard and then he sucked them gently.

She moaned as he kissed and licked every inch of her body. And then he came on the top of her and looked at her and couldn’t control himself. He took his pants and slowly entered her. She was hot and wet. He could feel the spark running down his spine. That moment was beautiful than his imagination. He started rocking her slowly and she moaned his name. She groaned and pulled his hair gently. Looking at her face, he groaned in extreme pleasure as he came. Later, he lay next to her and while she slept he looked at her and thought how lucky he was to found her. He was in Love.

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