Falling In Love with a Stranger on Phone

A 30-year old single, handsome and workaholic businessman Ruhaan was an old school romantic guy. Despite his workaholic nature, he remained flocked around with people especially women. Money mattered to him but not more than his love for his family and friends. No matter how busy he was, he always gets time for them. Ruhaan’s beautiful eyes and devilishly good looks added charm and attract the attention of lots of women towards him wherever he goes. But for him, none of them were worth paying attention. He knew that all these women would come after his money and good looks. Ruhaan often disguised himself as a guy who didn’t care about love and was happy with his life but deep down he knew how alone he was in his empty house. He had to put that face in front of his friends when he saw them happy with their wives and children and didn’t want them to know about his aching heart.

Not that he needed someone in his life, but he just couldn’t trust anyone. Moreover, he couldn’t let himself convinced that he could also get a good girl who could understand him and love him not for money. He did use the dating apps and had met several women online but none of them touched him. And then one night he got a request from a girl on a dating app. She was looking for something casual and she liked his profile. When Ruhaan saw her pictures, something clicked his mind but he didn’t know. He accepted her request and started sending messages. Ruhaan liked her big bold black eyes and her curvy body. They exchanged their numbers and started talking over the phone. May be this was the first spark of love with a stranger.

While talking to her, he felt something in her voice like he had never felt before, a surge of pure desire which he thought of lust nor love with a stranger of course at this time. At least that’s what he continued to think for some time. Even after talking to her for the entire night, he couldn’t stop thinking about her the other day and he couldn’t concentrate on his work. Her beautiful expressive eyes, her black long hair, her kissable lips, and her beautiful curves were making him warm and he could find himself hardening.

He impatiently waited for the other night as they promised to talk and was eagerly waiting for her to call but she couldn’t call him. For a moment, he felt disappointed thinking that she was also thinking about him the same way he was for the whole day. Could this be real love with a stranger whom he don’t even know? He kept looking over the phone and even on a message, he could jump out of his bed thinking that it could be her. Few days passed, she didn’t call him and just when he was about to give up, his phone rang, and he could see her name in the display. He couldn’t control his excitement and immediately picked her phone. He asked her where she was and why didn’t she call him. Somewhere, he knew she wasn’t untouched with his charms like he was and so he quickly turned around the question in a mocking way just to not show his excitement to her.

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