Till the Break of Dawn- Online Sex Experience

Emma and Jack met online at one of the Asian Adult Chat portal. Jack was very much inclined towards online sex chat. They talked whole night sharing their life experiences, breakups and how life has turned out for them. Jack felt good after talking to her but due to some work, he had to go offline but he promised her to talk to her soon. After a few days, Jack logged in and waited for Emma to show up. Within 5 minutes, she joined, and they started chatting. Now that Jack was comfortable with her, he started diverting towards sex and wanted to have an online sex experience with her.

The first time he experienced the virtual sex on chat with her and it was great. Jack hadn’t found anyone yet who could give him such a magical time. They exchanged their personal numbers and every time when they talked, they could experience a good pleasure. Now, things were moving from online sex to phone sex.

One day, Jack and Emma decided to meet in person and they decided to meet in a coffee shop. In the evening, they met and were happy to see each other outside the portal. They talked a little and then she invited him to her place. Her home was in close proximity to a coffee shop and outside it was drizzling. Jack and Emma soon took off to her place.

At Emma’s house, they enjoyed wine and soft music was playing. They sat on the couch and talked for a while. Jack was slowly getting turned on the way Emma was talking, her eyes, her lips were making hard for him to control and then he got close to her and started kissing her neck. Emma liked it and joined him. They started making out on the couch. He gently put his hands on her breasts and pressed them. He could hear her soft moan which made him more excited. She started teasing his cock and gently pressed it. Through jeans, she could feel it getting hard. He opened her shirt and licked her tits while making her sit on his lap. She started grinding against him, making him hard. She took off his shirt and licked his chest. Jack can’t help it and so he made her lay down on the couch and he came on top, played with her nipple, teasing them with his tongue and making her whimpered. He bites and suckled her tits and made her groan loudly.

She unhooked his jeans and took them off and asked him to take off her panties. He could see her soft and warm pussy and slowly rubbed her clit with his fingers. He played with her clit while she was gently rubbing his dick. He could see her shivering when he was putting his fingers in and out her clit. He wanted to feel her wetness and so he started pumping in and out more vigorously.

She took his cock and rubbed it against her boobs. His finger was inside her pussy, so he could rub circles around her drenched and warm clit. He picked her and took her inside her bedroom. He put her on the bed, lay over her, covering her and kissing her. To tease him, she pushed him and went towards the wall. Jack was aroused and so he pushed her against the wall and started kissing her back. He could feel her whimpered and he roamed his hands all over her back. He turned her and kissed her tits. Her hands roamed around his hair and neck. He squeezed her butt and bites her nipple.

He put her on the bed and lifted her thighs and lined his cock with her pussy. He took his cock and rubbed against her folds and clit. She groaned, and her eyes rolled back. He entered in her warm pussy slowly and slides out to enter again. He kissed her as he increased his pace and their bodies rub together.

He could feel his balls slapping against her body and her moans were filling his ears. His thrusts were making her body jiggle and seeing that sight he groaned and he increases his pace. He put his hand on her boobs and pressed them and with other he was lifting her closer to his body. He rubbed her clit with his other hand till she was coming and clenching around his cock. Jack screamed in pleasure and released inside her. They lied down next to each other on the bed and spent the whole night in each other’s arms. Life took a complete turn for both of them, once they started from just a casual adult sex chat and now they are loving each other!

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