Sensual touch of my teacher- Part-1

I found Mr. Morton quite handsome and attractive. It stemmed from the fact that I had seen him, fingering a woman behind a restaurant and her moans told me that he was good at what he was doing. His name was actually James and he was not that old, he was attractive to a 17-year-old. Since that day, I couldn’t get him out of my mind and one day I experienced his sensual touch.

It had started with a brush of my hands against his crotch as I was leaving class. He didn’t say anything that day, so I did it again the next day. This time, he asked me to stay back in class. “What are you doing Summer? Why are you being inappropriate?” he asked. “I am showing what I want,” I replied brazenly. He asked me to get out that day.

A week later I was sitting in the last row of the class and watching him lasciviously. He had given us an activity and was casually strolling through the class, clarifying questions. He came to me and I pretended to ask him something. This time though, he touched my back as he bent and looked at my notebook. He glanced up once to see what the class was up to and then brushed up against my arm. I could feel his stiff cock and he kept touching my shoulder with it. I was the only one on the last row and on the pretext of answering my questions, he stood in front of me, essentially shielding me from other students’ eyes.

His head was down, but his right hand was on my boob. He was pressing it, gently at first and then harder. I was so horny and I crossed my legs as I sat. He noticed and smiled. Then he started pinching and twirling my nipple as he continued to speak to me. But I wasn’t hearing any of that. My body was on fire from his sensual touch. If anyone decided to come up, they would see what he was doing. He rubbed my nipple over my clothes between his forefinger and thumb. And then abruptly moved away. I was left, wet between my legs.

When that class ended, everyone walked out, but I didn’t. “Get out Summer,” I heard him say, but I didn’t move one inch. I got up from my chair and walked up to him. I got close and let my breasts touch his chest. “Do you like boobs or ass better? It seemed you like boobs,” I said and opened my button-up shirt. He looked towards the door and pushed me right next to it. He stood at the entrance and leaned on the right side, where I was. That time, I realized he was talking to the principal. His hand was casually on the wall above my head. I brought it down and placed it on my naked chest. I could tell he was excited and nervous, but he continued to talk to the woman.

Then he slowly began to massage them. The first time he pulled my nipple, I almost whimpered, but bit my hand to keep quiet. This man was touching my naked boobs while talking to his boss. How hot was that! If that woman took a peek inside the classroom, she would see me – boobs out, Mr. Morton grabbing my breasts and me touching myself. I guess Mr. Morton noticed that I was touching my pussy too and his nostrils began moving. Soon the principal walked off and I thought we would continue our thing but he came back, bit my nipple and then followed the principal. I was left in an empty closed classroom.

The next day I decided to bait him in his class. As soon as he entered, he began teaching and wasn’t paying attention to me. But I had a plan. I was sitting right in front of him and as soon as he sat down on his desk, I spread my legs, showing him my pussy. I had removed my panties and sat like that in front of him. Others were busy writing his notes and he, he was looking right between my legs. I was successful.

Right after class was recess and I was walking to the bathroom when Mr. Morton grabbed me and pulled me into this janitor closet. The hallway was empty so no one saw it. I was in this tiny space with Mr. Morton. I licked my lips as I waited for him to say or do something. “You have the gall to show me your pussy? You dirty girl. Show it to me now and I will show what happens,” he spat out angrily. I was excited now and my nipples perked up. His eyes got drawn to them and he smiled.

I dropped my skirt and parted my legs. I also began opening my top. He roughly pulled me close and turned me around. He pressed my boob with his right hand and I whimpered. Then with his left hand, he roughly parted my folds and started rubbing me. It was rough and painful at first, but then I realized he was rubbing my clit too. So, I pushed my hips out so his fingers would move over my clit. And when they did…..woah! I loved that he had large hands that were rough. It gave me the right level of friction because of his sensual touch.

He saw me moving and enjoying and stopped. He turned me to face him and latched on to my nipples. He sucked hard and even added teeth to the mix. “Ahhh! Ahhh!” I went in excitement. Then he just fell down to his knees and starts licking me there like crazy. Not a lot of guys were willing to do this, but Mr. Morton…oh my, he was a dirty, naughty man! His large tongue touches me everywhere and my god that slow sensual touch is awesome. It presses down on my clit and then he adds a finger to my pussy. He begins working my pussy while sucking on my clit and I cum. I thought it was complete, but I was wrong.

He gets up and pulls out his cock. Before I can see it clearly, he has a condom on and turns me around. I hold on to a table and he comes behind me. He pushes his cock into my tight pussy and groans loudly. “Ohh Summer….your tight pussy is squeezing me so hard. God I am going to fuck you,” he says. His thrusts are slow and long and with each move, the table shakes. His large balls are hitting my thighs and his cock is just pounding me with force. He slaps my ass twice with large hands and each hit just makes me leak more.

Apparently, he had enough of slow fucking. So, he started moving faster, fucking me, rutting over me. He grabbed my ass and is pinching me. Oh, I feel like I am going to take a leak. His fingers part my folds and pinch my clit too. I moan loudly and cum. I guess he cums sometime later too, but I am too much in an orgasm daze, to notice. When I come to, I see him zipping up and correcting his dress. He tells me that he will meet me tonight at the mall and walks off. After the first sensual touch and the orgasmic experience, we had more which I will write in the next part.

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