Sensual touch of my teacher – Part-2

I couldn’t get over the fact that Mr. Morton had done these things with me and especially the touch of my teacher. I was to meet him at the mall, but I was a little afraid and I didn’t go. What I didn’t expect was that he would show up at my house. My parents were out and I heard his car pull up. Yes, I knew which car he drove. And then there was a knock on the door.

My heart was going at 1000 beats per minute, I was nervous and excited, I didn’t know why he was here or what he would do. But I knew that he was coming in to make me cum again. I opened the door to let him in and he just pushed me inside and locked the door. His chest was hard against my breasts as I stuck to the wall. He looked angry. “Why didn’t you come to the mall?” he asked. I was dumbfounded and just kept quiet. “Didn’t want me touching you?” he prodded again.

“No, I…I do want you to touch me,” I said haltingly. “Uhh huh, where?” his mouth was really close to mine and I could feel his hot breath against my lips. I take his hand and put it over my crotch. He doesn’t wait any longer, the animal in him coming out. He lifts my dress and starts rubbing me over my panties. I can feel the roughness of the material soften as moisture leaks out of me. He puts his mouth on my nipple over my thin dress. I can feel his suction as I am not wearing a bra. He sucks on the nipple looking me in the eye while fingering me over my panties.

But I guess that isn’t enough and he removes them. Now I am bare. He smiles and nibbles on the left nipple. I groan as he fingers the clit softly. I want it hard, I want to cum. “Yeah, you want to cum? I know it, the way your hips are moving, you are closing your legs trapping my hand. Where is your room?” he says. I point up to the left and he lifts me, running up the stairs. My door opens with a bang and he throws me on the bed. The door is closed, locked now.

My wrap dress is in smithereens and he is over my naked body. He is kissing me all over. “I want to feel your body,” I tell him. He stands up and strips. Getting butt naked. He has a large body and quite a large dong too. There is some chest hair, making him look ruggedly handsome. As he walks, I notice that his cock is rigid. I gloat mentally that it is my naked body that has made him this hot. I want him to touch me, so I spread my legs, signaling him to do things. He kneels and parts my folds, exposing me to the cold air. He blows on my clit and I shiver. He flicks his tongue out, licking me intimately. His beard is scraping my thighs as he moves over, up and down. He adds suction to my engorged clit and I almost jump in the extreme pleasure. The touch of my teacher always makes me go crazy.

As he licks, his beard scratches on my inner thighs but the pleasure is good. I don’t stop him as he continues to suck my clit. He stops a moment to lick my vaginal opening and tries to spear me with his tongue. Then he gets back to licking my clitoris and puts a finger in my pussy. “Unhh, ahhh,” I moan as his thick fingers spread me apart. The itch in my channel is persistent and his fingering adds some relief to it. His rough fingers touch my pussy walls and I relax, getting aroused at the same time.

I cum as he fingers me hard and fast, releasing my pressure and the liquid in my pussy. He doesn’t stop and just climbs over me after getting a condom on. His dick hangs against my thighs as he looks at my breasts with hunger. He licks his lips and bends down over my chest. The first lick goes straight to my pussy and I feel the heat. My naked nipples perk up as he continues to lick and suck on the nubs. I press my breasts, to get more pleasure and he holds one to squeeze it tightly. But, the touch of my teacher and mine are different, I like his more.

He starts pumping it as he sucks and nibbles on my nipples. His beard rubs all over my breasts, arousing me further. I want him in my pussy so I reach in between us and fondle his balls.  He is startled and bites my nipple as I shriek in surprise.

He moves down a little and shoves his thick cock inside me. It is sudden and I still for a bit. I am shocked because he was so thick and yet he got inside me in one go. I breathe and relax, calming down. He waits for me too. Then begins moving, in and out. His fat cock is stretching me and massaging my walls. I shiver in pleasure as the cockhead bumps again and again with my g-spot. “You have such a fat cock, Mr. Morton,” I say as he fucks me.

He pulls out at that moment and makes me lie on my stomach. I get up on my knees and he grabs my hips. He penetrates my raw pussy again with his cock and starts fucking me. His balls slap against my thighs and my pussy clenches in pleasure. My clit is throbbing and he slaps my ass hard. I grunt in pleasure and then he rubs my raw clitoris. I gush in pleasure as he continues to fuck me. I spasm around him and feel him shudder. He collapses on my back and I just pass out in pleasure.

When I come to, he is lying next to me and grinning. “That was great Mr. Morton,” I tell him. He was sweet on me that whole year and then I graduated high school. I left for college and his fucking still makes me hot to this day. At times I think about the sexy touch of teacher and it still gives me goosebumps.

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