Recent Erotica Stories

Out of the Closet

Arjun was the star of the school. He excelled in both sports and academics. He was the kind of guy you get to see once in a few batches, handsome, smart, and an intelligent all rounder. Girls would do everything possible to make him look at them just once and when he did, all they […]

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Hot Neighbour

Matthew, my super-hot neighbour was stopping for dinner. He loved my cooking and would often stop by to try my treats. The bell rings. I open it and see him standing there. Curls covering his forehead, tattoos on his arms, giving me a beaming smile. My heart stops. Just looking at him makes my stomach […]

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Movie and Moves

I am excited and out of breath. Brendan is taking me out tonight and I am so looking forward to a night full of dancing, drinking and hopefully sweaty sex. It’s been long since we had time to ourselves. But I need to get home and get dressed. Dress sexy he said, giving me smouldering […]

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The One Night Stand – 2

This is the second part of the story The One Night Stand. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked so lost and so appealing. That one night of the Goa vacation was itched in his mind. He couldn’t think about anyone but that mysterious hot woman. He wanted to find her but couldn’t […]

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Awaiting weekends to meet you

Kelly and Luke had been dating for a year now and they were meeting tonight to spend the weekend at his house. She heard Luke’s truck come to a stop outside her apartment and the doorbell rang. She looked at herself one last time in the mirror, cleavage check, short skirt check and no panties […]

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